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Service for fire departments

When your business is responding to emergencies, saving people, and protecting property from fires and other disasters, you need to be able to marshal your resources and people quickly. Contact American Eagle Equipment to help.


While this will always be a challenge, you can make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible with equipment from American Eagle Equipment. Give us a call today and set up your consultation.


American Eagle Equipment specializes in the customization of emergency vehicles. Bring your chief, command, and battalion vehicles in today for consultation.

 • Lighting and LED lighting systems

 • Sirens

 • Computer

 • Vehicle safes

 • Secure laptop and tablet docking station

 • Car organizers

 • Retrofits

 • Complete customizations

Emergency response system installation:

With our talented group of experienced technicians on your side, upgrading your fire department’s fleet of trucks and SUVs couldn’t be easier. Just let us know what equipment you are interested in installing, and we’ll handle the rest!

When it's time for an upgrade to your fire department fleet, call us

• Quality parts

• Full installation

• Repairs

• Maintenance

Call us today to schedule your

FD vehicle service:


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Our crews can also handle a wide range of maintenance and repair services on your emergency response equipment. If you are having any troubles, bring the system in for diagnostics and repair.

Handling it all: